Bedful of Flowers Chaiyaphum Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Bedful of Flowers Chaiyaphum

Bedful of Flowers Chaiyaphum Thailand Travel GuideThe Dok Krachiew flower (curcuma) might not have the radiance of a tulip, but watching it tango against the cool, misty backdrop of green fields seemed exotic and pleasant. Flowers have a profound affect on people and this purple-pink and white bloom of Chaiyaphum province was no exception. Krachiew Bor Pratumma, alias Borsawan, as the locals call it, and other species of the flower attract visitors from June to August who travel to Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Thep Sathit sub-district of the province to admire this fascinating seasonal spectacle. Chaiyaphum, four hours drive from Bangkok, is now holding the annual "Dok Krachiew Festival" and I was there to find out what was so special about this flower that attracted tourists in droves at this time of the year.

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Riding the Rapids Phitsanulok Thailand Travel Guide

Riding the Rapids Phitsanulok Thailand Travel GuideThe mud-coloured rapids of Nam Khek seemed to dare adventure buffs to come and pit their wits against the swollen stream now that monsoon rains had injected new life into this waterway after a long dry summer Nam Khek in Phitsanulok province is fed by rainwater from Khao Khor mountains and Thung Salaeng Luang National Park in neighbouring Petchabun, and it's only a few years ago that it became accepted as a rafting destination for adventure diehards who crave the thrill of challenge.

A Quick Pilgrimage to Saraburi Thailand Travel Guide

A Quick Pilgrimage to Saraburi Thailand Travel GuideA short drive from Bangkok is Saraburi province that offers modest attractions that can be visited on a day-long trip. For Buddhists, Saraburi is a special province which houses two Lord Buddha's footprints: one, and the more famous, is housed in the elegant Wat Phutthabat temple, and the other on the quiet hilltop temple of Wat Phra Phuttachai. "Unfortunately, not many people know about this second (Wat Phra Phuttachai) footprint. It's now protected by a glass enclosure," said Jamrus Iam-chaoren, a temple staff who looks after the footprint, while collecting coins and banknotes from the donation box. The temple underwent renovation recently.