Speeding on Waterways Samut Songkhram Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Speeding on Waterways Samut Songkhram

Speeding on Waterways Samut Songkhram Thailand Travel GuideSamut Songkhram has long been known as a town famous for three types of water _ fresh, brackish and sea water. It's an extensive network of over 300 tributaries and canals that are fed by the Mae Klong. The lifestyle of the people there hasn't changed much from the olden times. That is the genuine charm of Samut Songkhram. Don Hoi Lord has changed a lot these days. People no longer catch worm shells, but sweet oysters instead. That it had been going on for four years I didn't had a clue until I was told that day. If I had travelled there by car I wouldn't have had the chance to strike this conversation and discover that all that was left of Don Hoi Lord was a name and all that it had ever stood for was now a legacy of its past.

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Bringing Back the Old Times Chachoengsao Thailand Travel Guide

Bringing Back the Old Times Chachoengsao Thailand Travel GuideWhat type of music you reckon would best capture the spirit of Baan Mai, a market dating back to the days King Rama III, in Chachoengsao province? Probably, the answer is Thai classical music that was featured in the blockbuster film Hom Rong or "The Overture". Baan Mai has served as the backdrop for several local dramas like Yoo Kub Kong, Mae Nak and Mangkorn Diewdai, all of which depict in varying degrees the life of Thai-Chinese communities going back more than a hundred years. It's just 76 kilometres east of Bangkok and even though rapid urbanisation in the last few decades has threatened to change the face of the countryside, the market managed to preserve much of its old charms and peaceful life by the Bang Pakong River.

Calcite Charms Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel Guide

Calcite Charms Mae Hong Son Thailand Travel GuideHuai Nam Dang can be very cruel so she blessed the park with hot springs. The park has lush forest cover. You can hear the sound of hot bubbles as they are formed and ejected into the air. They crash against rocks leaving white clouds of vapour. Usually, the geysers throw up water about foot high but sometimes they can throw it up to two metres so it's better to keep your distance because the water's temperature is in the range of 90-99 degrees Celsius. The park warmly welcomes visitors with mineral bath for which tubs are provided in guest rooms. Huai Nam Dang is famous for its scenic mountain view, sunrise and windy weather conditions.